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Sweet Autumn Clematis

The Lovely, Fragrant Blooms of Sweet Autumn Clematis

There are hundreds of varieties of Clematis plants, and few are as lovely as the Sweet Autumn Clematis. With its delicate white flowers, which bloom through the fall. Here are some helpful tips and other useful information about this plant.

Unlike some other of the Clematis plants, the Sweet Autumn Clematis prefers full sunlight as opposed to the partial shade.  The plant grows rather quickly and can reach heights of more than thirty feet. It is that height that makes it an ideal choice for covering a hillside or draping an archway.

It is also a wonderful choice to use to hide something that is detracting from your landscaping. Consider allowing it to fall over the top of an old tree stump that you have not gotten around to removing. It also looks great falling over the corner of a fence.

One reason that the plant is so popular is that it is just beginning to bloom as the other plants blooms are falling off. This extends the number of months throughout the year that there are fragrant flowers in your yard.

Of course, as with nearly any plant, there are potential problems. The usual, such as mildew, other fungus and pests, can be handled using the typical methods such as pesticides.  Some of the recommended treatment methods may depend on the area in which you live. For that reason, it is best to seek specific advice from someone at a local nursery who is most familiar with your particular climate.

Another potential problem with Sweet Autumn Clematis is that it is invasive. This should not come as a surprise. Any plant that can reach thirty feet in height as quickly as this one is probably going to be considered invasive.  Depending on how you plan to use the plant, you might be thrilled at how quickly it can take over an area.

Of course, not everyone wants the plant to have its way with their yard, but that does not mean that they must exclude the Sweet Autumn Clematis entirely. Instead, they must be watchful and prune on an ongoing basis in order to keep the plant under control.

There is another good reason to prune your Sweet Autumn Clematis and that is to encourage new flower growth. If you fail to prune, eventually most of the blooming will stop. The more you properly prune, the more flowers you will have.

Some are leery about pruning their plant, fearing the worst should they prune too much or too early. The good news is that the damage it is possible to do by improper pruning is minimal. At worst, you will hinder blooming times. You cannot kill your plant by pruning to soon.

Sweet Autumn Clematis is, as mentioned above, not without problems. Still, its fragrant flowers and beautiful display will likely continue to make it a very popular choice among all types of gardeners.

It can add a romantic spray of flowers at a time of year when other blooms have gone dormant. To many gardeners, that fact alone makes them worth all of the effort.



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